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Body Glove Mens Water Shoes

There’s something magical about a product that feels like a second skin, easing you into every adventure as if you were born for it. That’s precisely how I’d describe my relationship with Body Glove water shoes. Whether it’s kayaking down a serene river, riding a jet ski over exhilarating waves, or simply exploring rocky coastlines, these shoes have been more than a mere accessory. They’re a testament to the unparalleled confidence and comfort they afford me, out and about in the water. The memories of exploring aquatic realms with the subtle embrace of these water shoes are etched forever, beckoning for more adventures.

Men’s Body Glove Water Shoe Showcase

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The Body Glove Mens Watershoes feature a soft and breathable interior lining, ensuring maximum comfort for your feet. The adjustable shock lace system provides a snug fit without sacrificing comfort, making these watershoes perfect for long hikes or water activities.


Don’t worry about slipping on wet rocks or mossy boulders with the Body Glove Mens Watershoes. With their non-marking rubber outsole, these watershoes offer excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces. This feature is especially useful for activities such as hiking, canoeing, or fishing.


Protect your feet from sharp rocks, shells, and other debris with the Body Glove Mens Watershoes. The durable rubber toe bumper offers added protection while exploring the lake’s bottom conditions. Say goodbye to stubbed toes and hello to worry-free adventures.


Constructed with high-quality materials, the Body Glove Mens Watershoes are built to last. The neoprene and mesh upper is not only comfortable but also resistant to wear and tear. These watershoes can withstand various water activities, making them a reliable choice for any lake adventure.

Lake Specific Features


The Body Glove Mens Watershoes are perfect for a wide range of lake activities. Whether you’re swimming, kayaking, or paddleboarding, these watershoes can handle it all.

Bottom Conditions

With its durable construction and protective features, the Body Glove Mens Watershoes are designed to withstand different bottom conditions. From rocky shorelines to sandy beaches, these watershoes will keep your feet safe and comfortable.


Thanks to the excellent traction and protection features, the Body Glove Mens Watershoes offer top-notch performance in any lake situation. You can confidently explore different areas of the lake without worrying about slipping or injuring your feet.

Additional Features

In addition to its comfort, traction, protection, and durability features, the Body Glove Mens Watershoes also come with a convenient adjustable strap for a secure fit. The watershoes are also lightweight and quick-drying, making them perfect for any water activity.

Overall Performance of Body Glove Water Shoes

Overall, the Body Glove Mens Watershoes provide exceptional performance in terms of comfort, traction, protection, and durability. These watershoes are designed to handle any lake adventure, making them a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Excellent traction on different surfaces
  • Protects feet during water activities
  • Lightweight and quick-drying design


  • May not be suitable for extended use in extremely rough conditions but these are on the more durable side as far as water shoes do go
  • Limited color options are available

Value for Money

The Body Glove Mens Watershoes may have a slightly higher price compared to other watershoes on the market, but they offer exceptional value for money. We have found that you get what you pay for with water shoes…and as an adult, we will want these shoes to last more than one season.  Body Glove is durable and made with quality material.

With their outstanding performance and durability, these water shoes are definitely worth the investment for anyone who loves spending time at the lake. So if you’re in the market for a reliable and high-quality water shoe, look no further than the Body Glove Mens Watershoes. So why wait? Get your pair today and experience comfort and protection like never before! Happy exploring! Finally, don’t forget to share your experiences with us by leaving a review. We’d love to hear from you! See you at the lake! Happy adventure!

I enjoy all things outdoors: days at the lake, hiking, fishing, camping. I appreciate you stopping by to read. This is a passion project that generates some income. #Blessed #Paddleboarding #Kayaking #Swimming #Fishing #LakeGearReviews


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